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Genealogy Request Form
  1. Genealogy Request Information For those Masons who want to learn more about their family’s Masonic history or for the person who recently discovered a member of the Fraternity while working on the family genealogy, the Grand Secretary’s office offers you the opportunity to find that piece of history in our records. The earliest book of membership records goes back to 1848, although there area few Lodge reports from as far back as the beginning of the Grand Lodge of Indiana which was chartered in 1818. The information in these records may include the member’s full name, Lodge and his Masonic history, such as degree dates, dates of transfers, demits, suspension and offices held. Although the records do not contain names of relatives or family history, many times family members belonged to the same Lodge. Our search includes several record sources, however, there is a gap in the records so not all searches will be successful. Please complete the information below. It is important to list the persons full name, dates of birth and death (even an approx year is helpful) and where he lived and or worked. If a membership card is available, you will be sent a copy for your records. All inquiries will be answered.
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