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Scholarships FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  When will the applications be available?

The applications will be available from mid January through March 1 of each year.

2.  Where can I get the application?

The applications are available from the Secretary of the Lodge or on this website.

3.  What colleges or universities are approved?

The complete list is available on another page in this web-site. Click Here

4.  What are the individual requirements for submission?

The individual requirements are listed on another page in this web-site. Click here

5.  When will I find out if I have received a scholarship?

Recipients will be notified by mail shortly after the first of May evey year.

6.  How will I get my check?

Typically a reception is held in July to honor the scholarship recipients. A check payable to the student's college or university will be presented. If the student is unable to attended the reception, the check will be mailed to the student after the reception.

7.  What are the requirements for successful completion for the scholarship?

The student must complete 12 GPA credit hours with a semester GPA of 2.0 or better.

8.  Where do I return the application?

All applications must be returned to the sponsoring Freemason's Lodge secretary.