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  • Indiana Freemasons' Hall
  • P.O. Box 44210
  • 525 N. Illinois. St.
  • Indianapolis, IN 46244-0210
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Grand Master Pin

Every Grand Master beginning in 1992-93 with Max Carpenter, PGM has designed and made available to the membership a Grand Masters Pin. The designs of the pins are inspired by the GM’s journey to his year as leader of Freemasonry in Indiana. Several of our Brothers collect and display the twenty-two available (some very hard to find) pins.


The Pin I have chosen is a very simple design in the manner of my masonic ring. They help me to remember that being a Master Mason is and always will be the most important part of our masonic journey.

I have placed the Square and Compass in the Northeast corner as a reminder to always stand as a just and upright Mason and as a representation of those Masons who have allowed me to serve as their representative.

I chose to have it inscribed with the words Faith, Hope and Charity for two reasons. First, so that the outside world can gain some understanding of what Freemasons believe in. It may even spark a meaningful conversation.

But more importantly, I hope it will be a constant reminder to each of us as Freemasons to have Faith in God, Hope in Immortality and Charity to all Mankind.

Rodney A. Mann, Grand Master