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Howard Lodge No. 93


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316 N Washington St, Kokomo, IN 46901, USA

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Wednesday, May 29, 1850


Milan T. Kendall

Membership Chairman:


Stated Meeting Information:

1 WED - 7:30 P.M.

About Our Lodge

Step into a world where history, camaraderie, and personal growth intertwine. We invite you to join us on a remarkable journey as we honor our past, embrace the present, and shape the future. At the Howard Masonic Temple, we offer more than a physical structure – we extend an invitation to be part of a thriving brotherhood that stands as a living testament to enduring values.


Imagine being part of a lineage that dates back over 150 years, where traditions have been passed down through generations. As a member of our Masonic brotherhood, you become part of a rich tapestry woven with stories of resilience, triumph, and unity. The history of Howard Lodge No. 93, encapsulated within these walls, is a legacy waiting to be shared and preserved.


But it's not just about history; it's about the present and the future. As a member, you'll experience the power of fellowship that knows no bounds. Our lodge serves as a hub where like-minded individuals gather to connect, share ideas, and forge lasting friendships. The camaraderie you'll find here is a source of support and inspiration, enriching your life in ways you never thought possible.


Our brotherhood is dedicated to your personal growth and development. Through the teachings and principles of Freemasonry, you'll find opportunities to enhance your leadership skills, expand your knowledge, and become a better version of yourself. The journey of self-discovery within our fraternity is one that continues to unfold with each step you take.


So, if you're seeking a purposeful journey filled with camaraderie, personal empowerment, and the chance to make a lasting impact, the Howard Masonic Temple welcomes you. Join hands with us as we celebrate our heritage, make the most of our present, and pave a path for the generations yet to come. Together, we stand as living embodiments of fellowship, empowerment, and an unyielding commitment to the stories that shape us.


NOTE: Members can find contact information on the Member Portal.

Worshipful Master:

Kenneth A. Smith

Senior Warden:

Steven C. Cowgill

Junior Warden:

James E. Calabro


David A. Trobaugh

Asst. Treasurer


Milan T. Kendall

Asst. Secretary:


Senior Deacon:

Junior Deacon:

Senior Steward:

Junior Steward:





James A. Richey

Christopher Hughey

George D. Pross

James A. Richey

Kenneth D. Shutt

James Aldridge

James Aldridge

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