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Lessing Lodge No. 464


301 Chestnut St, Evansville, IN 47713, USA


Tuesday, May 27, 1873


Eric Matthew Smith, PM

Membership Chairman:

Drew Seitz


Stated Meeting Information:

2nd WED - 6:30 P.M.

About Our Lodge

Lessing Lodge No. 464, F. & A. M. was founded on the 7th day of December, 1872. On the 27th of May, 1873, these founders received their charter from the Grand Lodge, the Rev. C.L. Chr. Runck being named as Worshipful Master in the charter and S. J. Loewenstein as Senior Warden and G. L Altvater as Junior Warden. The founders consisted of these three gentlemen, together with Fred Hofmann, C. Kratz, Philip Nonweiler, Wm. Pretorius, Daniel Heilman, J. Bopp, Julius Kahn, Harry Joseph, H. W. Elmendorf, Samuel Meyer, Philip Klein, F. S. Zumstein and Wm. Koch. 

From the date of its foundation until the present day, Lessing Lodge has been the focal point for the activities of the leading Germans and German-Americans of this city, and its standing has always been of the highest and most honorable. It remains today, as it has always been, a true German Masonic Lodge, and among its members, past and present, the best Germans have been represented. 

-By Brother Julius Stoever


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Worshipful Master:

Senior Warden:

Junior Warden:


Asst. Treasurer


Eric Matthew Smith, PM

Asst. Secretary:


Senior Deacon:

Junior Deacon:

Senior Steward:

Junior Steward:





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