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Richard L. Lentz

Grand Master's Pin


Masonic Term Beginning:


Keeping with the history of the Grand Lodge of Indiana since 1992, I have designed a Grand Master's Pin for the 2022- 2023 year. This pin has special meaning not only for what it represents but for whom it honors. I have spoken about how we are a family and about the strong connections that we have with one another by being Freemasons.

I belong to a strong and connected family line, and the last five Past Grand Masters from my family have each designed special pins for their year. I have used something from each of their pins in my design to honor them and what they proudly stand for.

From Past Grand Master Bill Blasingame, I discovered more about becoming a better man with a focus on youth groups, education, and following one's passions. From Past Grand Master Richard W Wierzba, I learned about committing time and resources to our Indiana Masonic Home at Compass Park and, in doing so, touching the lives of our many Brothers and Sisters. From Past Grand Master Jim Barkdull, I learned about setting an example for others by living up to our obligations as Freemasons and what it means to be proud to be a Freemason. From Past Grand Master Greg Walbridge, I learned the value of building strong relationships based on the three virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity as we walk our many paths in life. From Past Grand Master Carey B Carter, I came to a better understanding of what it means to be a proud Freemason in the state of Indiana and as a citizen of this great nation. Each pin was adorned with a message to remind us how

we should meet, act, and part during our journey as Masons.

The 2022-2023 Grand Master Pin has an outer ring of purple representing the Grand Lodge of Indiana with a message of Proud to be a Freemason. The center portion of the pin is blue, representing the Blue Lodges with a message of Faith, Hope, Charity, Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. The purple of our fraternity is the Grand Lodge supporting the Square & Compass and the Craft. The Bell Tower, supported by the Square and Compass, signifies our Lodges and members who support the Indiana Masonic Home at Compass Park, providing a dignified quality of life for our fraternal members. I have had the privilege to serve on the Indiana Masonic Home at Compass Park Board of Directors since 2015. It is difficult to put into words how much the experience of serving on the board has touched my life- being a small part of the changes and seeing firsthand how we, as Freemasons, are making life better for others. This joy lives inside of me, and I can only

hope that I can share that joy with everyone around me.


by Donna Lentz, GM's Lady

My pin is an emblem of the "Tree of Life" and the important things in my life: Family, Faith, and Fraternity. As you have heard, we have three sons and eleven grandchildren, parents, sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews- all of whom l hold very near and dear to my Heart.

As a young girl, I was saved and declared Jesus Christ as my Savior and reaffirmed Him later as I was baptized. Throughout

my life, I have prayed for guidance and others. God continues to be my source of comfort and guidance. Cross. My father is a Mason. Richard's mother was very active in Amaranth, but l never asked them about these organizations. After Richard joined the Blue Lodge and other Appendant Bodies, I decided to join the Order of the Eastern Star. The rest is history. I now know I have joined one of the largest and best fraternities in the world. Many in the fraternity have become like family to me; thus, l have placed the Square & Compass on my "Tree of Life."

Richard L. Lentz
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