Richard L. Lentz

Grand Master's Pin


Masonic Term Beginning:

Since 1992, every Grand Master of Indiana has issued his own lapel pin, and these pins always become highly sought after by Masons both inside and outside of Indiana as a memento of the year itself, as well as a badge of pride for us all. Every Grand Master puts a great deal of thought into the sort of symbols and message they wish to convey with these tiny objects that will eventually be seen by quite literally tens of thousands of people, and Grand Master Daniel Martin is no exception.

The Grand Masters Pin for 2021-22 represents several features that are very dear to Worshipful Brother Daniel Martin. Framing the entire pin is the American Eagle, representing the Majesty of the United States of America and the enduring Freedom which it provides to all of its citizens. Emblazoned upon its breast is a Shield, with the colors of the American Flag, representing the honor and respect we have for our Veterans who have defended our freedoms at all costs. Like a shield, they protect our freedoms and our way of life. Upon the Shield are 3 stars, emblematic of the three virtues of Freemasonry, Faith, Hope and Charity. Resting below them is the Square and Compass and the letter G, as the beacon of the Craft and its belief in the Grand Architect of the universe.

The pin proclaims the providence of Free men, a deep gratitude for those that protect them, and the bonds that tie them together as Free and Accepted Masons.

On the reverse, the words Honor and Integrity are fixed, as a reminder that these virtues make a good man, and are recommended to all Freemasons, wheresoever dispersed over the face of the globe.

Richard L. Lentz