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Exterior of a newer building on the campus of the Indiana Masonic Home / Compass Park

Indiana Masonic Home Foundation

Our Mission statement is: “To support the Indiana Masonic Home at Compass Park by holding in trust undesignated endowment funds given for the benefit of the Home and to manage these funds to achieve maximum returns consistent with prudent investment practices. The net income from such trust will be paid annually to the Home to support its purposes and needs. The Foundation will provide trust services for funds which have been received and designated for the special purpose of the Home.”

The Indiana Masonic Home Foundation (IMHF) was established in 1936 to further implement financial support for the Home. We are a separate corporation with a separate Board of Directors to oversee our operations and investments.

Further, the Foundation engages in promotional and public relations activities to increase the assets and properties held by the Foundation; communicates to the Masonic membership the charitable need, purpose, and benefits of the Indiana Masonic Home at Compass Park, and provides the necessary professional guidance to help Freemasonry be successful in its benevolent efforts. This is achieved through the joint effort of the Foundation, its staff and Directors, the Home and its staff, and all the brothers and sisters of the family of Freemasonry.

It is important to know that the Foundation fund gives only its net income or interest to the Home each year. Therefore, gifts to the Foundation have never been spent. Also, gifts are tax-deductible as described in section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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