Image of about 70 recipients of Masonic Scholarships.

Masonic Donation Opportunities

Thank you for considering donating to one of the approved Grand Lodge Funds. Each account is set up separately to ensure your donations are used as you intended. Simply click on the donate button below the fund, and you will be directed to a secure PayPal donation site.

Grand Lodge Programs

Funds the community and Lodge support programs of the Grand Lodge of Indiana. Donations to this fund will go towards community programs and support programs for the local community Lodges. ​ Grand Lodge Programs P.O. Box 44210 Indianapolis, IN 46244-0210    (317) 634-7904


Masonic Relief Board of Indiana

Exists to help Freemasons with various needs and to provide assistance to lodges in locating “lost” members and to provide services to lodges with memorial services and funerals. ​ Masonic Relief Board P.O. Box 44210 Indianapolis, IN 46244-0210    (317) 634-4662


Grand Lodge of Indiana Scholarship Board

Provides college scholarships for children and, in some instances, grandchildren of Indiana Freemasons. ​ Scholarship Board P.O. Box 44125, Indianapolis, IN 46244-0125    (317) 631-7599


Masonic Heritage Foundation

Funds and operates the historic Schofield House in Madison, the birthplace of the Grand Lodge of Indiana. ​ Masonic Heritage Foundation 363 Redding Rd, Seymour, IN 47274


Masonic Library & Museum of Indiana, Inc.

Research library and the historic collection housed in Freemason’s Hall in downtown Indianapolis for the purpose of preserving the rich heritage of Indiana Freemasonry. ​ Masonic Library & Museum P.O. Box 44210 Indianapolis, IN 46244-0210    (317) 634-7904


The Indiana Masonic Home, Inc.

A retirement community for Freemasons, widows of Freemasons and members of the Order of the Eastern Star. Donate to Indiana Masonic Home Inc. Indiana Masonic Home 690 State Street Franklin, IN 46131    (317) 736-6141


Indiana Masonic Home Foundation, Inc.

Foundation which raises funds, the income from which is used to support the operations of the Indiana Masonic Home Indiana Masonic Home Foundation P.O. Box 44210 Indianapolis, IN 46244-0210 (317) 637-9582