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The Grand Lodge of Indiana

The Grand Lodge of Indiana Free & Accepted Masons (F&AM) was established on January 13, 1818, at the Schofield House in Madison and is the governing body today for nearly 400 Masonic Lodges throughout the state. There is no national or international administrative body for the worldwide Masonic fraternity. Most countries have a single grand lodge of their own, but in the United States, each state has a major grand lodge that oversees its jurisdiction.

In addition, most states share their jurisdiction by agreement with a second organization commonly referred to as a ‘Prince Hall Affiliated’ grand lodge. Indiana mutually recognizes the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Indiana (opens in new window,) and our members freely share fraternal cooperation and visitation (contact the Grand Secretary for protocol.)

Masonic Lodges are operated independently in their local areas, but the Grand Lodge assists them with different programs and membership initiatives. Each lodge is part of creating the legislation that guides the operation of our fraternity.

The local Lodges (sometimes referred to as the blue lodge, symbolic lodge, or craft lodge) gather together at two required annual meetings of the Grand Lodge of Indiana. In January of every year, we meet for our annual Founders’ Day event. Founders’ Day is a celebration of Freemasonry and is an instructional, educational, and fellowship meeting. The Annual Communication each May is the business meeting of the Grand Lodge of Indiana when legislation is proposed and voted upon and when Grand Lodge officers are elected and installed.

The offices of the Grand Lodge of Indiana are located in downtown Indianapolis on the first floor of the Indianapolis Masonic Temple at 525 N. Illinois Street.

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