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Grand Master's Pin


Masonic Term Beginning:

I feel that a Grand Master's Pin should be something that instills pride in the wearer and serves as a visible sign that the wearer is a Freemason to non-Masons. The genesis of the center of the Grand Master's pin design comes from the following story. I was standing in line to early vote a few years ago when a local attorney with whom we had attended church came up to stand in line behind me. We said our hellos, and the attorney asked me what I had been doing. I pointed to the Grand Master's pin that I had on my suit and told him that I was involved in the Grand Lodge Line for Indiana. As we looked at the pin, I realized that while there was a small square and compass on the pin, the other items kept it from being recognizable.


As I was beginning to consider my pin design, I thought about that encounter and determined that I wanted a pin with a Square and Compass logo front and center with a background that would make it stand out. Thus, we have the gold square and compass with the letter G over a white background and a blue state of Indiana. The blue state of Indiana was chosen for the viewer to easily understand that it was a state of Indiana pin. I also added the "Grand Lodge of Indiana" to the bottom of the pin.


The logo "Not Just A Man, A Mason" was added to instill pride in the wearer and serve as an advertising slogan. The "Not Just A Man, A Mason" marketing campaign was created by the Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction as a campaign to grow Freemasonry. The Grand Lodge has been using this campaign over the past few years, and it has been branded for the Grand Lodge of Indiana with our logo.

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