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Grand Master's Pin


Masonic Term Beginning:

Since 1992, every Grand Master of Indiana has issued his own lapel pin, and these pins always become highly sought after by Masons both inside and outside of Indiana as a memento of the year itself, as well as a badge of pride for us all. Every Grand Master puts a great deal of thought into the sort of symbols and message they wish to convey with these tiny objects that will eventually be seen by quite literally tens of thousands of people, and Grand Master Kenneth Roy, Jr. is no exception.

For those of you who do not yet know him well, GM Roy and his wife Katie live in Evansville. He received his degrees in 1977 at Tell City Lodge 626, and he spent 25 years with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office, retiring as a Lieutenant . The five-pointed sheriff’s badge in the center of the pin represents those many years that he served the public as a law enforcement officer.

The outer circle of his pin's design alludes to the circle that surrounded that of MW William A. Reiners own pin (2015-16), who appointed MW Ken Roy to the Grand Lodge officers’ line. It is a tribute to that Grand Master who set GM Roy upon this leg of his Masonic career.

The words engraved upon the outer band read, “Masons - Brothers By Choice.” This is to remind us all that the fraternity means far more than any other type of mere social club. It is a Brotherhood in the truest meaning of the word, because it is made up of men who are committed to each others’ growth, welfare and well being.

The bright blue of the background represents the Blue Lodge, the very heart of Freemasonry.

The columns within the circular band represent the path we all must take as we make our way through this life, moving toward that spiritual Temple above.

The globes atop the columns represent the universality of the Masonic fraternity.

Finally, the square and compass is to remind us that we shall deal squarely in all our actions, and stay within due bounds with all Mankind.

Upon describing his pin to the Masons at the Annual Communication and Installation in 2019, Grand Master Roy said, "I hope that this pin will carry some of those same meanings as it does for me, and as you wear this pin throughout the coming year, I hope you will consider yourself as my friend, and my Brother."

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